Issue 5 Gold Package
Issue 5 Gold Package
Issue 5 Gold Package
Issue 5 Gold Package
Issue 5 Gold Package
Issue 5 Gold Package

Issue 5 Gold Package

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GOLD Package



·       1 standard copy of Terraria issue 5: the first part of the new story in the thrilling Terraria comic book series!

·       1 sticker pack (Nuala, King Slime, Machigai the Ninja, and the Goblin Scout) – durable vinyl stickers!

·       1 9x11 high quality poster depicting a battle between Vale and the Goblins rendered in Chibi style printed on ultra-premium pearl stock!

·       The fifth trading card in the ENEMIES series – PINKY!

·       The fifth METAL trading card in the ENEMIES series – PINKY!!  A high-quality textured metal version of the trading card!

·       1 2-inch Challenge Coin celebrating the defeat of The EYE OF CTHULHU!  Featuring vivid enamel colors and cut-outs!

·       Clear plastic coin protector – Show off your accomplishment!

·       1 set of Terraria magnets – create your own Terraria scene on your refrigerator or whatever other metal object you want to look infinitely cooler and more Terraria-ized!



Issue 5 – ships in January
Issue 6 – ships in March
Issue 7 – ships in April


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